Claims Processing

We provide a wide range of activities related to healthcare sector including, but not limited to, staffing support, administrative capabilities, etc.

Claim Submission

We submit all claims within 24 hours with 95% clean claim acceptance rate/accuracy.

Claim Rejections

We re-submit all rejected claims within 24 hours.

Denial Work

We work on all denials and with an accuracy rate of 98-99% to ensure full payment.

Patient and Insurance A/R follow up

We review all outstanding insurance claims 45 days and older on a monthly basis. We create and maintain detailed notes on all follow ups.


Every claim is reviewed and personally audited by an experienced billing manager.


We are more in tune with your practice through extraordinary reports.

Why Choose Us

Significant denial reduction

Coding errors and other data errors are common causes of denials. Our certified coders make sure that they have the right code entered. Our billers make sure that the data is clean before submitting a claim to the insurance company. This reduces the denials and also increases the payment times.

Meaningful reports

Our staff generate not only the claim status but provide other in-depth analysis for your practice to optimize. Some of the reports are productivity, procedure code analysis, projections etc. Our team can provide you with the information on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Six Sigma process approach

Our process ensures high quality output. It includes steps such as verification of insurance, verification of demographic information, ICD 10 Coding, entry of charges, submission of claims, receivables follow up, payment posting and denial management. The checks and balances inbuilt in the process gives you significantly less errors and very high accuracy.

Custom solutions

Our team is very flexible and will accommodate and even replicate how you work at your own office. This gives you the peace of mind that your team works the way you want and how you want.

Specialty expertise

Our team has expertise in working with a wide variety of medical practices and specialties. You can be assured that your billing and coding is in great hands.